Justin Freely’s debut solo album ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ comes after a short hiatus from playing with various acts in Melbourne (Mr Jimmy, Leah Senior, Foggy Notion). The album is grounded by stories of melancholic characters and liminal experiences expressed through evocative lyrics. Justin Freely is upfront with virtuosic and soulful lead guitar. Driving bass from Handsome Mick Stylianou (Cobra Snake Necktie Records) holds the record on a dirty groove, the rich yet gritty production from Captain Brooke Penrose (Saint Jude) and backing vocals from Captain B and Vera B. Well weave it all together to take the listener on a rich and rewarding adventure that they will want to repeat again and again. Whilst created in Melbourne, the record departs from what we have come to know as the more instrumentally focussed Melbourne Sound, particularly as a result of the deep yet uplifting poetics. Described by reviewers as an “entertaining and engaging listening experience” this multi-genre collection draws inspiration from many yet is far more than a sum of its parts.